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My wife's colleague recommended Matt Rivera several years ago. I have been seeing him periodically for years for the odd ouch (pinch nerve, hips out, pinched nerve in neck, et all). However, it wasn't until a recent accident that I realized Dr. Rivera's true value.

In lieu of the pain meds route kaiser tends to favor, Dr. Rivera has provided constant adjustments to my hips, neck, and back. I have walked into his office, quite literally fighting tears because of the pain--within an hour I'm laughing with him, remembering one of the many football games that adorn the walls of his various adjustment room.

This guy's for real, folks. Their staff is sweet, too. True healers them all. He's a wonderful chiropractor. His wife is delightful as well.

As much as I can, I look forward to my visits  .
 San Francisco, CA

Over the past 25 years I have gone to a number of chiropractors, both in the South Bay and in L.A., but only one has ever been able to give me lasting relief from chronic neck pain: Dr. Matt Rivera. This alone would be enough to bring me back, but "Dr. Matt" offers so much more: not only is he a consummate professional, he's also an enthusiastic, extroverted, friendly guy to boot. He listens, he fixes, he advises . . . in short, he cares, and clearly loves what he does. His staff is always warm and helpful, including the always-beaming Dr. Ro, the front desk admins, and often the beautiful Gitte (aka Mrs. Rivera). The facility is always spotless; the service, efficient, and quick -- even for "walk-ins," which I have never seen them turn away. All this and an aquarium full of turtles! It sounds corny, but they feel like friends and family, and Dr. Matt is simply the best at what he does.
 Basho M. 

I've been to quite a few chiropractors over the years and Dr. Rivera tops them all! He knows what he's doing and approaches his work with a smile on his face and a great positive attitude. He truly listens to what you have to say and then actually helps solve the problem. (Believe me, not all chiropractors do this!) When I started being treated here, I had constant headaches and arm and shoulder pain. I got immense relief from just the first visit. Now, I am headache-free and feeling fantastic! The office is clean and is a pleasure to visit. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Rivera and his entire staff. They are absolute professionals. I actually look forward to my appointments! My husband and I are very glad to have found this place.
 Stephanie Harper, RWC 

I have been seeing Dr. Rivera for the last several years. I would definitely say he is the best Chiropractor in the Bay Area. He is always able to identify the source of my headaches or neck/shoulder pain and fix it right away. He also gives advice on prevention and maintaining good posture. The mini-massage and muscle warm up provided by his staff prior to adjustment is soothing. Because of the amount of work that I do on the computer and stress associated with the job, Dr. Rivera has been very helpful in keeping my life pain-free.
 Michelle W. 

My family and I have been going to Dr. Rivera for years and he is by FAR the BEST Chiropractor in the business. I have been to others in the past before meeting him and it's not the same. Dr. Rivera and his staff are totally professional, caring and do a GREAT, GREAT job. His group is my doctors of choice. He's sooo good at what he does, if I was living in another state, I'd fly in for him to work on me and THAT sums it up for me. How any people can you say that about??
Keep up the GREAT work... !!!!

 Rocky Cologne 

I am proud to say I have been a patient of Dr. Rivera for many years. I've always had the best of care and the quickest results. All these years, without fail, every time I walk into Matt's clinic, I feel like I am the most important patient he has. The only patient he has. I always feel as if my treatment, my comfort and my recovery is of the utmost importance, not only to Matt but to each and every staff member. He is patient, he is caring, he is an expert and he is an extraordinarily gifted chiropractor. I have sent several family members and many friends so I could "share the gift" of Matt Rivera. Thank you so much for the contribution to my loved ones and myself.
 Alexandra Stratigos 

Matt Rivera is, by far, the best chiropractor I've ever been to (and I've been to a variety over the past 15 years).

I'm prone to hip displacement and pressure on my sciatic nerve; every time it's happened, Dr. Rivera was able to get things back in order quickly

More than any other chiropractor I've seen, Rivera uses pure physical strength and skill; no drop tables, stimulators, etc. He has a wonderful knack for applying enough pressure to really get muscles to relax without going too far.

One of the things I particularly appreciate is that he takes the time to explain what he's doing and why. Also, he does a good job of teaching exercises that can reduce the need to come in with recurring problems.

I've enthusiastically referred number of friends and co-workers to Rivera Chiropractic and give Dr. Matt Rivera my highest recommendation.
 Jim F. 

My husband and I recently went to Dr. Rivera's office for some adjustments. Dr. Rivera has awesome bedside manner and is very easygoing which is great when you are getting bones readjusted. The initial visit took around 2 and a half hours because of x rays, which seemed a little too long for me but I was amazed after Dr. Rivera treated me. I felt great afterwards.
The office was clean and maintained well in my opinion.
The other doctors in the practice are equally as caring and really know how to explain things.
If you need anything adjusted GO HERE! :)

 Nicole M. San Mateo 

I love Dr. Matt! I have been going to him for over 14 years. I am a flight attendant which creates tremendous stress on my body. With his help I have managed to fly with much less injuries and permanent damage. He is helpful and always available when I need him. He is simply the best!
 Judy Underhill, Patient since 1992 

This is the best place to go! I travel from San Francisco to visit Matt's office. The staff is awesome! Everyone is super nice and I feel like I'm at home when I come for a visit. They know what they are doing. I wouldn't trust anyone else to take care of me. My whole family goes here. They are the VERY best!!! Serious, beyond awesome!!!

Oh and if it's too hot to leave my dog in the car, she's more than welcomed to come in. She gets LOTS of love by everyone.
 Lexie Castaillac, Atherton 

I have been going to Dr. Matt for about six years now and he is really the best Chiro I have ever been to. The others I visited tended to make Chiropractic out to be the be-all-end-all treatment that cures everything. Dr. Matt is more realistic and positions his treatment as part of a total solution. He gives good advice on healthy lifestyle questions as well. Another plus is that he is a big fan of football (he is a former player). His treatment rooms are fun to wait in as they are decorated with signed photos of pro players he has treated - the highlight for me being Joe Montana and Tom Brady!
 Russell H - Patient since 1999 

Prior to Dr. Matt Rivera and his chiropractic care, I suffered chronic neck pain and frequent headaches. I thought the problem was un-correctable but through the use of chiropractic care I find myself pain-free. As a cured business and computer professional, I am now able to fully focus my attention on my career. Chiropractic care has been a tremendous help for me. Through the use of Dr. Matt Rivera's Chiropractic talent I have found the quality of life I have always desired.
 David Sockol, Patient since 2000 

Dr. Rivera is efficient, very friendly and full of energy. His adjustments are just what I need to feel my best.
 Molly Wantuch - Patient since 2003 

After neck surgery, due to a ruptured disk from a work related injury, I tried all types of treatments and drugs but none compared to the relief I experienced after Dr. Matt got his hands on me. His touch has proven over and over to be the only thing that can help relieve the constant nagging pain that I feel in my neck which radiates down my arm. Dr. Matt and his staff have been an oasis of care and competence at a time of disappointing medical care elsewhere.
 Wayne Steinberg 

My monthly tune-up is part of my well being. Dr. Matt keeps me running!
 Sandy Fernando, Patient since 2002 

Dr. Matt's dedication, compassion, wisdom and persistence in his treatment plan is why he is my first choice whenever I need a "Tune Up".
 Chris Steinberg 

After 10 years of pain and swelling in my left ankle, numerous doctors, mri's, x-ray's, etc., i have decided to seek chiropractic help. Dr. Rivera was the first one to point out that the pain actually came from my lower back. After just 5 visits, I am in much better place and my ankle is slowly but surely getting back to normal after 10 years of mis-diagnosis. Thanks to Dr. Rivera, I can stand and walk tall again with no pain!
 Alina Basina 

I have been working with the Rivera Chiropratic Family for many years now. Of all the Chiropratic offices I have ever been exposed to, Rivera is by far the most professional, well organized and friendly group of people and practice that I have ever seen. The practice location is in an extremely easy to find and convenient part of town with easy parking availability. There office and buliding is very clean and when there, you get the feeling that this is not just any ordinary Chiropractic office. I also have a good friend of mine you is a patient of Dr. Rivera and unsolicited, when I speak with him, he at times shares with me how much Dr. Rivera helps him to feel better. Overall, if anyone is not getting the service or treatments they deserve from their existing chiropractor, I would highly recommend the Rivera Chiropractic Group!
 Randal De Nola 

I went to chiropractic school with Dr. Rivera over 18 years ago and I continue to visit his incredible office (and staff) as a patient and friend. I can tell you from first hand experience there is not a better chiropractor in the entire Bay Area. Dr. Rivera listens to his patients, is caring, and most importantly, knows exactly what to do and when to do it. As a practicing chiropractor I know the real deal, which is why I travel, either to his clinic or is home for frequent adjustments. Dr. Rivera lets his work do the talking. As far as I know he does not do any advertising...he doesn't need to. His patients drag in friends and family and they also know they can call Dr. Rivera on a weekend for an emergency and he will meet them...even on Christmas Day if they needed it. Another nice touch is his wife Gitte runs the office which gives it a homey feel. So do yourself a favor and give Dr. Rivera a call. You will never need another chiropractor...trust me. And forget the appointment...it's not necessary. Just show up and they will get you right in.
 Dr. Eben Davis D.C - San Francisco 

"Dr.Rivera always help me feel better!"

"Staying healthy is the obvious goal for Rivera Chiropractic clients. Dr Matt is thorough AND thoughtful to my needs. Staff offers best service AND with a smile! I'm a happy client!"

"My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Matt for over 10 years. I am so happy to have met Dr. Matt. He is very knowledgeble, dedicated and a great person to be around. His office is always clean and his staff is great!"

"Dr. Rivera is on the cutting edge of muscular skeletal techniques and utilizes renowned Health Professionals to get you back in your game. Look no further - he is second to none....."

"Walk-ins welcome and friendly staff - I always leave feeling better than when I arrived."

"Really great, got me in right away, helped a lot!", "Very professional staff and great experience working with Dr. Means."

"I've known Matthew Rivera for over 20 years. He is the most conscientious, approachable, caring Chiropractor I've ever known. He listens to you and treats you with respect, he takes your pain and discomfort to heart. In my life experience, I've never come across anyone like him. Simple put: HE IS THE BEST!"

"As always staff was friendly and effecient. Dr. Means is great at what he does and really helped relieve a lot of pain I was in."

"Always feel welcomed and well taken care of."

"Dr. Means is wonderful! He spends a lot of time with you to make sure you get a good adjustment - I love coming to see him!"

"I went in and could hardly walk. After that visit I was on my way and after 3 more, I felt like a new man. Great work Doc!"

"I am a very happy and loyal patient of Dr. Rivera for the past decade. Initially I came in after a car accident for treatment of a whiplash injury that I was suffering from. I continued to visit regularly to benefit my health and traet an occasional injury when I mess myself up from a snowboarding or dirt biking fall. Dr. Rivera has an impressive amount of wisdom in his practice. He is truly concerned in healing all of his patients. It deeply shows. Dr. Rivera has always made me feel immediately better after every visit. I continue to value him and his staff as an important part of my life. I am always referring peaple to his office."

"Very impressive care by Dr. Matt Rivera. I had a displaced rib in my upper back and Dr. Matt explained the process of rehab, saw me twice and I'm as good as new! His alignment work also made me feel two feet taller! I highly recommend Dr. Matt Rivera."

"There is no other Chiropractor that we would see. Dr. Matt was a miracle worker for my shoulder when no other Chiropractor or Physical Therapist could relieve the pain. After just two visits under his care, I am back to my normal self and not waking up with consistent neck soreness. Thank you Rivera Chiropractic!"

"From the minute I walked in the office, in pain I may add, everyone was so helpful! Dr. Husbands who first helped me was great and then later with my series with Dr.Means. They really made me feel better!"

"I literally staggered into the office with an injury I had neglected for 10 days, after the Doctor finished his evaluation and adjustment, I walked out with dramatically decreased pain."

"I would recommend Rivera Chiropractic Group to anyone."

We are a family of ten, and have all been impressed with the excellent treatment and attention provided by Dr Rivera and his staff. From treating my 20 year old daughter after a car accident, to diagnosing and referring us to an orthopedist for one of our children's knee injury, to relieving allergy symptoms and nearly alleviating my 15 year old son's asthma attacks, to gently adjusting my two year old after her (frequent!!) backyard tumbles, we all go in fully expecting to walk out feeling better, and having our concerns thoroughly addressed. Even though the office is lovely, the bathrooms are spotless, the music is pleasant, the toy area well-appointed (even with a tv and G-rated movies available!), by far my highest praise is for the way they LISTEN and ACCOMMODATE. As a mom of 8, I can be a tough customer - I am often running behind, I need to schedule last minute, I have to interrupt my appointment (even mid-adjustment!) to attend to a crying child or someone needing the restroom...NOTHING phases the staff here. They recognize and call my children by name, let them bring their own DVDs from home to watch while I'm having my appointment, and of course there's the candy jar...! Dr Steve Roh has made it a point to remember which sports my teenage boys like best, and always engages one on one with each child. Gitte Rivera has called me at home, even after hours, to address questions, and handles the insurance transactions seamlessly. After receiving excellent chiropractic care over the past 18 years from providers in the Washington DC area, to Seattle, to here in the Bay, I have found Dr Matt Rivera's style, personality and skill to be unsurpassed. When we ask him a question, he answers it. When we say something hurts, he listens, and fixes it. He clearly loves what he does, and wants people to leave his office wearing a smile. Ten smiles here.
 Jennifer O'Driscoll 

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