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October 12, 2016
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Meet Veronique!

Veronique has been with us for five years, is a twin, and was recently engaged. In her spare time she likes to do puzzles. Her favorite book is Dreamweaver by Jack Bowen, and she loves going to the beach. She enjoys watching cooking and Lifetime movie channels. She loves football, and her team is the San Francisco 49ers.


We don't mean to brag but isn't this a nice looking bunch of Doctors?

They back it up with a lot of experience. A whopping 120 years combined!

From left Dr. Vu (2 years), Dr. Husbands (26 years Chiropractic, 20 years Nutrition and Functional Medicine), Dr. Rivera (24 years), Dr. Means (5 years), Dr. Linford (47 years), Dr. Chen (18 years Acupuncture).

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