To Your Health Newsletter

March, 2019 (Vol. 13, Issue 05)
Putting Spine Care in the Right Hands

Chiropractic and other conservative options are effective, save hundreds of milllions of dollars, and should be the first option for spine care. That's the call to action urged by David Elton, DC, senior VP of clinical programs at OptumHealth, in a powerful presentation delivered recently at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. And OptumHealth is doing something about it - in a big way.

Chiropractic Care

A Drug-Free Way to Treat Headaches

Disease Prevention 101

Reduce Your Diabetes Risk Naturally

Good for Mom, Good for Baby

Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts

Start Them Off Right

Four Ways to Keep Your Kids Moving

Fitness Goals: Money
Is a Major Motivator

Not working out as often as you'd like (or achieving the weight loss you desire)? Perhaps a little money could be the motivation. Check out this study, in which researchers divided workers into three groups, each with a financial incentive to lose weight.

Modern Solutions for Our Modern Stresses

The stresses of our modern society require modern solutions, and we've got three great ones you can incorporate into your life immediately before stress, either acute or chronic, damages your health and well-being more than you can possibly imagine.

Show Your Liver Some Love With Whole Grains

Liver cancer diagnoses have more than tripled in the past 40 years, but there's an easy way to show your liver some love when it comes to reducing the risk of liver cancer: eat plenty of whole grains. A recent study published in JAMA Network Open underscores this potential.

Aerobics: Good for Your Brain

Aerobic exercise isn't just beneficial for heart health; it's also great for brain health, and the benefits don't apply only to seniors.

E-Cigs: Reversing a Positive Trend?

For the past 40 years, adolescent cigarette use has been on a progressive decline. However, that positive trend may soon be reversing.