Question: How long will it take for me to get better?
Answer: It depends on the condition and healing power of each patient. Patients usually feel better after the first adjustment and most are pain free within 2-3 weeks of treatment.

Question: If I come for one adjustment, will I need to continue for the rest of my life?
Answer: It is not required, however our patients notice a great difference in how they feel after getting adjusted and often want to continue.

Question: Can I come in for an adjustment without getting an exam and X-Rays?
Answer: Yes, if you have had treatment from another Chiropractor within a year.

Question: Will my insurance cover my treatment?
Answer: Our office accept all insurances and most cover Chiropractic treatments. Our office staff can help you find
out if you have Chiropractic coverage on your first visit.

Question: What is the popping sound I hear during an adjustment?
Answer: The popping sound you hear during an adjustment is gas being removed from your joints as the bone gets aligned. It is not bone rubbing against bone as many people think.

Question: Does an adjustment hurt?
Answer: No. When you get adjusted you remove nerve pressure and increase blood flow to the joint and this actually feels good.

Question: What are the major benefits of Chiropractic?
Answer: To keep the joints healthy which will decrease the buildup of arthritis from the everyday stress we put on our spine.

Question: My doctor tells me I need surgery, can Chiropractic treatments help?
Answer: We have found that Chiropractic Care and physical therapy can prevent 80% of most injuries from having surgery.