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February 01, 2017
Category: Orthotics
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FootLevelers are now 50% off until February 10, 2017!

Hurry into the office to order or have your free scan. With over 20 different orthotics to choose from, there is one for every shoe and occasion. We have multiple samples, stop by anytime to check them out! There are also new styles for sandals for all your Spring and Summer activities. 


These beautiful two best friends, both pregnant in their 8th month, love their adjustments which help relieve their lower back pain and feel their best. Cheers to chiropractic!


We don't mean to brag but isn't this a nice looking bunch of Doctors?

They back it up with a lot of experience. A whopping 120 years combined!

From left Dr. Vu (2 years), Dr. Husbands (26 years Chiropractic, 20 years Nutrition and Functional Medicine), Dr. Rivera (24 years), Dr. Means (5 years), Dr. Linford (47 years), Dr. Chen (18 years Acupuncture).

For more information on our doctors click here: Our Staff