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November 09, 2016
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A great night sleep = Priceless!

When we were first introduced to Levelsleep mattresses - we instantly knew we wanted to introduce them to our patients. This is not just talk but most of us in the clinic own a Levelsleep mattress or topper and love them!

Here is what Dr. Rivera has to say; "I can honestly say I have had the best sleep ever on my Levelsleep mattress. The mattress has eliminated a numbing sensation I used to have in my arms at night. We have had the mattress for 3 months and I am no longer tossing and turning at night and my wife say I hardly snore anymore - coincidence? No, it's actually backed by Stanford research. I continue to enjoy a great night sleep and recommend it to all my patients".

With the TriCore support you have a soft mattress for your head and shoulders, a firm lumbar strip to keep you spinally aligned, and a medium firm bottom to support your legs and hips.


Here are some key benefits with the Levelsleep mattress; 

  • Built in Lumbar support - soft but firm where you need it
  • Backed by Stanford Research 
  • Stays cool
  • 110 days sleep guarantee - love it or return it for a full refund 
  • 11 years warranty
  • Shipped right to your door in a box
  • Reasonable priced because it's only sold through the internet or at a Chiropractic clinic


If you have any questions or to order call 800 928 0507 or go here. Mention Rivera Chiropractic Group or Enter code RIVERACHIRO to get 5% off!


We have a sample mattress in our office - come on by for a free nap anytime!

These beautiful two best friends, both pregnant in their 8th month, love their adjustments which help relieve their lower back pain and feel their best. Cheers to chiropractic!


If you are a patient of this practice - you have been told about the importance of icing.

When you are injured, your first reaction might be to apply heat to the affected area. While this may feel good at the time, it is actually just adding to the inflammation.

Icing calms the area, increasing the speed in which you heal. Have you ever heard of pro athletes sitting in a tub with ice? This is to relax sore muscles and injuries.

Icing helps with bruises, sprains, strains, tendonitis, and repetitive motion injuries.

Everyone should have a good ice pack in their freezer to calm neck pain, which may help with headaches, sports injuries, lower back pain, and more.

Here at the clinic we use and sell large sized, gel based ice packs which get cold fast and stay cold longer. They are top of the line and will last you years to come. They are perfect for icing after your adjustment. Mention this blog and get $5 off an ice pack.